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Malia’s Awesome World promotes physical fitness and athleticism in a fun, safe, and clean environment. We are offering various sports and fitness related activities for the whole family. Our facilities are also available for rentals at selected times for personal events. Become a member of Malia’s Awesome World today!

Let’s move our bodies! 

We started Malia’s Awesome World to provide a fitness minded space that is accessible, accommodating, and welcoming for all abilities. You see, we’re all athletes at heart, the desire to play and move your body is instinctual. We created a gym we could be proud of, that would function as a healthy space to grow and feel great. You’re awesome and you are welcome at Malia's World. 

Box Workout


Malia’s Awesome World provides a welcoming and comfortable gym atmosphere for those with special needs and all abilities. We strive to provide fitness and cheer options with a focus on sensory needs.

Malia’s Awesome World Facilities

Ready to Reserve


Booking the Gym for party use has never been easier. We provide full amenities, complete with endless options to suit your specific needs. Reservations fill up quickly so scroll below to find out more!

Party Time

Meet the Team

Our team shares a passion for sports and community. Our staff members come to us with years of experience helping people become athletes and helping athletes become champions. Whether your goals are weight loss, fine tuning or just to get in shape and have fun, we’ll make sure you reach every single one.


Founder and Malia’s Mom🦋

Hi, My name is Heather, and I am Malia’s mother. This gym is inspired by her. We never expected her to end up with Epilepsy, ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). It has definitely been challenging through the years, but Malia is our little fighter. Malia has always had a love for cheer, and right before Covid hit, the last gym we were with sold. We not only want this to be a Cheer gym, we also want it to have a Sensory area for children and adults that have no where else to enjoy playing, and fitness. We want to introduce boxing as well as physical fitness. We will have amazing trainers on our team/staff. We are excited to open our gym and hearts to new and current friends!

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Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA

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